Stephane Claude
Piano Technician - Tuning & Repairs
About Me


Originally from Angers, France I have been living in Ireland since 2002 and am currently based in Dublin. I began my 3 year Piano tuning and repair apprenticeship through the Institut technologique européen des métiers de la musique.  My training included tuning, restringing, repair of the action, soundboard, case etc.  In 1994 I completed my apprenticeship in Le Mans, France.     

Work Experience

I worked for four years in Cholet before moving to Ireland. I worked for Tynan Pianos in Rathmines between 2002 and 2006 where I had a very fulfilling experience. During my time with Tynan Pianos, I got to travel to Prague for a week (Hradec Kralove to be accurate) to visit the Petrof Factory.  There I got to see the process of piano making in the largest factory in Europe. 

Since January 2007, I am self-employed and enjoy working for a variety of clients in Dublin and surrounding counties.  I do have a number of clients a bit further afield too.  Feel free to contact me if you want to know if I am available to assist you.